Tuesday, August 23

Yesterday Is Not Today

It is most definately true that yesterday is not like today so far. Yesterday was far better. I can't wait to get to Chinese class at 12:30. It'll make all the bad and depression go away...I hope. I guess I'm just so lonely. And I didn't get enough sleep last night because I'm and idiotic FMA addict. I tried to stay up and watch it, but then when midnight rolled around I decided not to turn on the TV. I didn't want to bother my room mate. She's smart and she actually sleeps....<.<; Unlike some of us idiots who have an pretty early class the next morning but stay up late anyway then end up falling asleep...in the front row!!! OMG!!! So embarassing!! u.u;
Yes, I'm having a lot of trouble making friends. It's not so much that I don't like the people here, it's just that I feel like I still don't fit in. I need to join a club or something. I really hope I make jazz band. At least then I'd have somewhere to go. I could make friends there. Band people are cool. They're real tight most of the time, or they at least talk to you a little, because you have to be able to synchronize your playing. Oi...Here's to a better day next!



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