Thursday, August 18

Today I'm feeling lonely

Today I AM feeling a bit lonely. See, it's kinda hard for me to make friends here. I should probably go down to eat lunch, but I don't feel like it. I'm still tired and I need a shower...badly! LOL! I smell awesome!! XD Like...dirty baby feet or something.
Anyway, last night I RPed with mah buddy, and I just kinda RPed what I was feeling...lonesome. I guess this is my way of being homesick. We've got like four freakin' days of downtime. I need to practice my sax and set up an audition time for jazz band. Neh...I don't feel like doing any of that, but after I get my shower I guess I won't have a choice. I should probably do some laundry today as well, since all the clothes that I actually like to wear are dirty already. I took care of some financial stuff today, so at least I did that.
I guess I could go through all the free crap I was given. That would be a good idea. Since I have like..a whole huge two freakin' bags of it. I miss my friends. Agh...Kudos to Neith for being da greatest. Later!



At 7:46 PM, Blogger Willow said...

Hey, I took a shower today too! I smell so good! Like Warm Vanilla Sugar! yumm! I enjoyed rping with you too...Rinry!! Oh Rinwy! Wheee! I miss you, and I'm glad you got some of your stuff done today. Just make sure to get the rest of what you need to do done! Good luck, MioKirani! Ja!


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