Thursday, August 25


Well, everyone...I just want you to know that during the week, and maybe sometimes on the weekends, my AOL time is going to be seriously cut back. My classes require a lot of work, and I don't feel that I'm devoting enough attention to them, so I'll have to cut back on my internet social time. Sorries!!!
Chinese is so hard. I practically have to re-learn how to speak and the writing is difficult as well. You have to put certain strokes of a symbol in certain orders, and you have to know how to pronounce that symbol correctly. Sometimes it's hard to remember which symbol goes with which sound.
Also, there are for different ways to say a word in Chinese. Example: The word ma could be said quickly, with a long tone, decreased in "note" sound (like in music...going down the scale), or decreased then increased. It means FOUR DIFFERENT THINGS!!! This IS the hardest class I have ever taken...and I LOVE IT!! Huzzah!



At 1:22 PM, Blogger Willow said...

::nuggles you:: It's okay with me 'bout the Aol problem. Don't worry about it. I'll talk to you whenever you wish...^_^. I'm glad your having fun learning a new language! I hope you can teach me something when I see you! *coughyeahrightcough* ^_^ heehee!!!
anyway, I love you, and Have a great day! Ja baby!



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