Sunday, August 21


Oi...I so blue. Just like my text color. I hate eating alone, but that's what I did. And now I must be off to go do that laundry I was talking about, but not before I find my shot stuff so I can send it to the health clinic. Dammit! >< that means I need to buy stamps!! And they take sooooo long to cash your checks around here. I have to do regular math to see how much money I ACTUALLY have! I so lonely...u.u; Oh, well. I'll go read while I do my laundry and I'll feel all better. I'll probably stick myself so far into the book that I'll actually be there for a while, that way I won't be by myself. Anyway, more later. Keep watching me. I need it.



At 7:51 PM, Blogger Some1 said...

"I always feel like.. SOMEBODY'S WATCHING MEEEE" I love that song. Keep on keeping on, SilverWHERE IS SARAH CONNER?.

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Willow said...

::huggles you:: You're not alone baby. I'm always there with you, whenever you need me. ^_^. Just think of me and hug your cynicaly-bastard-bear Bearington, and I am there. Btw, you CAN call me if you get lonely...I don't bite...too hard anyway. Love you!



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