Wednesday, August 24

It's the Morning!

It's the MORNING!!! Wow, I like going to breakfast in the morning because there's nobody in the breakfast hall. It's freakin' awesome. And they've got oatmeal!! And it's not like microwave outmeal, this stuff is industrial strength coat your intestines oatmeal. I mean, it was made in a giant pot! And stirred with a giant wooden spoon! Well, probably not, but it was really good. But I swear they never put salt on anything when they cook it! You have to salt everything yourself. Geeze...hashbrowns, without salt? Ew!! ><



At 9:21 AM, Blogger Willow said...

::glomps:: Hehe! Oatmeal rocks! ::starts scraping it from the inside of your intestines:: Ew! ><. Lol. Have a great day in school, sweetie! Ja!


At 2:11 PM, Blogger Some1 said...

Actually it was probably made in a large stockpot that was stirred with a large oar type thing, they are metal and you can reach deep into the pot to get it all of the sides!
They don't salt anything because some people are allergic to the iodine in salt. If they were to salt everything that they served then it wouldn't be ok to eat for a bunch of people.
But yeah.. Whats hashbrowns without salt?... They were GBD though right? (Golden Brown Delicious)

At 7:01 PM, Blogger SilverRevealed said...

LOL! You have to tell my how they cook all the rest of that stuff, Samwan. It'll be a blast! And yes, there WERE GBD!!! Yum, yummy! And I didn't know that about salt. hmm...interesting. Later!



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