Friday, August 19


Today was neither a good nor a bad day. I am indifferent to today. OMG! I'm such a liar! Today was not a good day at all so far, and I still have some day to go. I need to go jogging, do my laundry, eat dinner, go through all that free crap I got, take out the garbage, take a shower. Tomorrow I'll probably walk to the DFA (Division of Financial Aid) to make sure that my loans are being taken care of. Stupid piece of crap!!! >< style="font-style: italic;">I have to fix it. Criminy!
A couple days ago some girl said, "Girls never do anything alone." Well that's a load of bull because I do almost everything by myself. Dad is like the only person who helps me. Dad and Kana, and AL. GO AL! Rob would help me if he could, well, there are a few others. RF. Anyway. While I'm up at college I do things alone. I walked all over God's creation my self! I went to take care of my prescriptions, found my first classroom, walked all the way back across campus to buy my books, made sure I had money for my books, attempted to take care of my Financial Aid, will probably go work out and go to dinner and wash my clothes...By My Self!! being an adult. They're so damn alone all the freakin' time. Until you get married and have kids. Then you just WISH you could be alone.
That was my rant. I feel better now. Even though it's like 98 freakin' degrees outside!!! And my dorm has no (&#&3!! Airconditioning!!! And I looked at my Chinese books and inside they look like this: (I#*&$Y#*& Yihvj hiDISULHF#&(#*&^&^#$8 IFG NKJGH8BO7(*Yjf b87y 7y2387t^$#$%^&*(3u778 r;gh!@% j.>:...
Hope you caught that. It means I'm doomed!!! WOOT! ::gets raped by Chinese Language:: Oh...the pain!
So tonight before I go to bed I'll probably finish my Saiyuki piccy because I can't move on to another piece before I finish this one or I'll NEVER finish it. Then I'll start on my charries Razor and Feng. Razor is the new guy in my head. He's not so nice. As a matter of fact, he's just a dickhead. Feng is a sweet, quiet, bookworm. Go Feng! And I suck at Yu-Gi-Oh! Dueling!!! YAY!!! Go me! I'm sweaty. I'm going to dinner now...where I might be smart this time and not get the spiciest thing I can. Unlike lunch. Crazy ass Chinese red peppers everywhere!



At 10:36 PM, Blogger Willow said...

Well, number one, Chinese more than likely doesn't want to uberly but rape you, so calm the fuck down. Number two, taking a cold shower would help with that heat problem, at least for a little bit. Number C (lol), you suck at yu-gi-oh because you still need practice...just give it time. And letter 4, I miss you, I love you, and I hope you have a better day tomorrow!
Talk to you later!

At 12:39 PM, Blogger SilverRevealed said...

Thanks. You da bomb! You made my evening so much better than my day! I <3 you!


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