Wednesday, August 17

Full Metal Alchemist

So, I'm sitting in my dorm just waiting for Full Metal Alchemist to come on...because that show is the shiznit!!! I love Ed! He reminds me of myself a little. Well, anyway. Today was cool. We ran through the fountain and I got freakin' soaked! Then later, I ran an entire mile (wow) and played raquet ball. Fun!! I fell asleep during a presentation in Elliot Hall today. I was GONE!!! It was a nice nap though. I like my room mate, she let's me stay up and watch TV. I'll be out really late tonight. I need to go shopping at Meijer. I have to get some stuff. I even transferred some money here so I could go shopping. I hate shopping. Argh!! Hmm...I need to go check some other stuff out on the net. Later!



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