Tuesday, February 8

My life is crap

There comes a time in everyone's life when he or she begins to evaluate the richness of his or her life. That time has come for me, and I have decided that my life is crap. Granted, this is that time of the month for me, making life even more miserable than it actually should be. However, when you look at it you will agree with me.
Today I ran behind on my English assignments...shame on me. That would have been okay, but I don't even think my damn English "teacher" is going to take my work for half credit tomorrow AND she doesn't give any extra credit because she's pissed off at the world and thinks we have to suffer with her because she's a big fat bitch. O.O;;;; Ooops, sorry. Didn't mean a word of that, I'm sure.
Then, I went outside today after a vigorous exercise in Physics tutoring (Yippee...) and found that some poor young driver had smashed into my car, pretty much completely taking out the back door on the driver's side...window and all. At least she wasn't physically hurt, but I'm sure her emotional scars will plague her for a quite some time...poor girl, really. Her name was Kaite. Anyway, so, after my English teacher is a bitch and my car gets smashed I come home and my buddy comes over. We go for a walk, then I get home and feel a little better, and my step mom bitches at me during dinner. I swear to God I was going to slap the crap out of that woman...but she's having that time of month, too, so I just left the room because she's sick and she's in RED mode. Yes, what a lovely combination.
So, now that I'm done raving about how I would so enjoy shooting myself right now (oh, I can feel my scalp pulsing with frustration) I'm going to go bug my buddy Low Key's Blog to see what I can see. And remember kids, if you think it's bad now, it only gets worse!!! MWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!



At 2:54 PM, Blogger Some1 said...

Other than the car, step-mom, and period, what's the difference from my life? -___- And I can easily match/beat those with my own problems.
So, I know. That life sucks.
Still, you hold things in too much, we should like.. schedule times to talk about things like this!
Gonna go update my blog now. Later.


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