Wednesday, December 1

Yesterday...All my troubles seemed so far away...

Gotta love The Beatles.
Stayed home from school today because I couldn't sleep last night. This morning I could hardly wake up, and I slept most of the day. Over Thanksgiving break I've become rather nocturnal. Not too good. Also, I HATE CRAMPS!!! I shall destroy all of them one day! Then I shall be no longer burdened by crippling cramps!! Mwahahahahahaha!! <.<;; Anyway...Still haven't gone to see Mom. I really need to do that to clear my head. I'll probably see my counselor before I see Mom, and I really don't want to do that. Maria may or may not be pregnant. Her stomach is awful big, but the vet said that she might just be malnourished. Liza took her to the dumb vet though...I won't say which one. Had sax lessons today. You know, if I practiced I might actually be really good! Same with bagpipes! Wow...okay. Too thought intwined and apathetic to type anything else. ~Silver


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