Wednesday, December 22

World outside is inside

Yes, you heard it correctly. The world outside, which is extremely cold and snowy, is inside...of me. My heart seems colder than usual. I guess I'm just tired. I don't even feel like leaving two spaces between the periods I'm typing and my next sentence. trademark returns. Even though that's not really a treademark, it's just proper typing etiquitte. And I can't spell, so don't expect me to or you will be sorely disappointed.
Bah! I don't even feel like explaining anymore!

Return to the past is impossible,
But the truth remains that I would love to perform this task.

I want to go back to you smile,
Your guiding hand,
Your loving voice and caring embrace.

I find myself at a loss for action.
I have become sloth in my depression,
Sloth and overweight,
In body and in mind.

One day I'll find you again.
In the afterlife, in the Heaven.
Where ever I find you, where ever you may remain,
I hope that you are happy.
I'll strive to be what you could not.



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