Monday, December 27

Family Here is here! Kana, Casey, and Skylor all came up from Georgia to visit us! Yay!! It was awesome. This was one of the coolest Christmases ever! I was happy! First sign of the apocolyps, next comes the horsemen. ^^
I am so tired. For those of you who know Pasque, he's been making major fun of me lately. He's been calling me all kinds of mean names and teasing me. Then he told me Merry He called me a gender confused, reclusive, dark, weird kid in a hat! >< Who does he think he is? Ugh....irritating. At least he's actually speaking to me again, although he still refuses to tell me his entire story.
Anyway, it gets dark at like six o' clock now, and it bothers the heck out of me. I need to have a talk with my sister. Just to catch up and stuff. <.<;;; I'm sleepy, so I'm off. L8R



At 11:52 PM, Blogger Some1 said...

PFF I can't believe Pasque said that to you!!
You DO NOT wear a hat!!

J/k J/k!

Mind your own Rabbit-Hole, Dear Alice.

Yeah, it's been annoying me ever since the days first Started getting shorter. But at least the snow is melting!!!
Freaking yay^_^
::Rides away on a horse he stole from some horseman::

~Low Key, Some1, Strak, Mr. Brightside, you get the picture.

You spelled apocalypse wrong...


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