Friday, December 17

Andrew Lloyd Weber

Andrew Lloyd Weber, the black and white cat with sea green eyes, is sittng in my lap. I figure if I rub his head hard enough and irritate him enough he will leave me alone and stop hindering me from writing. But cats are far more skilled at irritating people than people are at irritating cats.
We call him the "ear slut" because he likes to suck people's ears. He also enjoys digging his claws into the skin while he performs this task.
It is well known that we are not supposed to call him certain things, but we call him those things anyway. Among them are the names Blackie, Drew, Cougar, Mistoffolees, and Dumb Ass. He certainly is a loving trouble maker. If anyone sees anything broken, it was probably Drew or Katie. Not so wise, but oh so lovable!


At 12:48 AM, Blogger Some1 said...

Wow, an entire post on Drew. Thats astounding...
Drew's among my favorites though, up there with Toby and Sebastian Bach.

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Jackie Moto said...

LOL! A post about that dumb cat. How come you didn't post one about your little toby :P BAH. Anyway I get my compy back until the 26th YAY! lol


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