Monday, November 29

Spiral Down

It's been a while. But I must say that I still remain absolutely clueless about everything. I've switched up significant others, but I'm not sure how that's working right now. Things seem to be moving slow and fast at the same time. Don't know how to explain that one. I'm trying to patch things up with my friend, K.S. Hopefully we'll be okay. Thanks, Neithan.
We've got a new cat named Maria. She's pregnant. Really pregnant. Liza found her at her church alone in the rain. Poor kitty. She doesn't seem that old.
School is KILLING me! I mean, Jesus! Miss Murnane, the painting teacher, wants us to write this huge ass paper...and I mean this thing is like as big as my senior paper was, and that's just rediculous! We have to have three book sources, at least, and two internet sources. I'm writing about Eduard (SP?) Monet, so if anyone can give me any info I'd appreciate it. I wish Mom were still around to stay on my ass about stuff because I let myself fall so behind all the time. Yeah, missing Mom a lot right about now. I hope to go and visit her grave soon, so I can straighten all this bullshit out in my head.
I've thought about shutting myself in my room for a few months, thinking that when I come out this whole thing will just blow over...I call it my love quadrangle. It is not good...u.u; AT ALL! HELP ME! I'm dating this guy, and for all purposes of keeping it simple and still personal we'll call him Safety because that's what he is and I don't want you to know any more than that. So, anyway, I broke up with this other person, who we will call Lonesome, then started dating Safety. Not a big deal, right? Well, I'm still friends with Lonesome and I still hang out with Lonesome, so it's hard. It's just hard. And Lonesome's friend, who we'll call Crazy, also likes me, but I don't even wanna think about dating Crazy. Sometimes I still miss Lonesome though. I can't lie. Safety is a better choice all around, but I can't help missing Lonesome. It's hard to date one person, then suddenly date another. You have to get used to all their habits and how they communicate. Lonesome was very open and constantly talked, so I always knew what was on Lonesome's mind, but Safety is more quiet and reserved, and that's new and strange to me. I don't know what is going to happen next, but right about now I just want to shut myself into my closet for a month or so. Maybe when I come out the apocolyps will have occured and I won't have to deal with it at all. ^^;; Heh, heh, just a suggestion.
Well, I've got some college Shiznit to do now, so I had better go. Later all!



At 11:43 PM, Blogger cyric said...

Damn you for confusing me... I'm trying to figure out who these people are >_< lmao...

Let me know if you ever need anything.. I'm still here, from 3 - 10 p.m. every flipping day... bah... Just call me if you need someone to yell at.




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