Tuesday, November 23

Profound? Absolutely!

Neil Gaiman...American Gods. Profound? Absolutely!
I don't usually read books because I have trouble finding ones I like, but I found Hannibal and devoured that book with the greatest of hungers. I loved that book, and I loved the way Thomas Harris wrote. He had the most amazing descriptions. The book was so visual it sucked me into it. I had to remind myself that what I was reading was actually fictional. Same deal with American Gods.
I'm only on page 66, but this book is amazing! I keep having to tell myself that it's not real, but it's so weird that it seems impossible that it could be; however, when I read the book I literally place myself in it so hard that I completely block out the world beyond. That paragraph is later, though. In the next paragraph I want to talk about what I know in the book. So, if you don't want any spoilers, don't read any furhter, or just skip the next paragraph.
Shadow is badass! I mean, how cool can one person be, but I do tend to favor the quiet characters. He's the main character, and he won't take shit from anyone, that I know. I don't know what his role is yet, but I've figured out that most of the other characters are based on mythology from other countries. Example: Mad Sweeny says he's a leprechaun. Shadow had some trouble believeing it, but I was convinced, although the guy is like seven feet tall! I can't tell exactly yet who Mr Wednesday is. He reminds me a bit of Satan, but that's not it. Gaiman said something about a chimpanzee...the way Wednesday smiles is like a chimpanzee, threatening. I'll have to look that up. The hooker is definately some kind of evil, or maybe not so evil, sex goddess. Perhaps a succubus. That's what she reminds me of anyway. I don't know what Laura represents yet. Possibly death or a guardian angel. The quotes in this book are just amazing, too. They're so great. There's one from Herodotus, "Call no man happy until he is dead." That was awesome!
Books are a dangerous bliss. I fall so far into them I sometimes don't want to come back out. That would mean I'd have to deal with the real world. That would just suck. And Shadow's world is so much more mysterious than mine. Although, I wouldn't say his life is any better...just more exciting and mysterious. It's hard for me to find a book I like though. I can't describe how it has to be written or what it has to be about completely, but I know it has to be beautifully descriptive and somewhat dark. ::sigh:: I love this book!
I'm going to take Neil Gaiman's mind and pick at it. He's got some crazy ideas. Crazy, but badass! Hmm...in the words of Hannibal Lecter (and only to end this with style), "I think I'll have him for dinner."


At 1:02 AM, Blogger Some1 said...

I told you!
Is it not an awesome book?!
Definatly one of my favorites, can't wait till you finish it so we can discuss it!
Just wait till you get to Neverwhere!!
Then it'll be Stephen King's Bag of Bones.
Best book he ever wrote. Bar none.
Probably better than Gunslinger.
wellllllllllll, maybe not.
But still good.
Then SK's Insomnia.
MWAHAHA you shall never be bookless.
Sorry, I love to read. ^_^
Have fun Shadow.
~Low Key Leiman

At 8:07 PM, Blogger SilverRevealed said...

I'm actually pretty glad that you're going to let me borrow all your books. Like I said...it's impossible to find any I like, but the one that you've let me borrow has had me turning pages like there was no tomorrow! Thanks, Low Key!

At 11:43 AM, Blogger cyric said...

I still say you need to read "the perks of being a wallflower". It might not be some murder mystery, or fantasy novel, or anything like that, but it's really good. Wish I had it, I'd let you borrow it..... that is when everyone else that wants to read it has borrowed it lol...

At 4:08 PM, Blogger SilverRevealed said...

You're right! I STILL have to read that. I sat with Kate when she read it, and it seemed like a pretty cool book. I'll definately put that on my to do list!



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