Wednesday, December 1

Kids these days...

Hmm, well, Clarice, things are moving right along.
Today I think K.S. and I pretty much made up. I wrote a poem for her on Elfwood. I'll post it later, when I get a chance. I'd really like to think that we HAVE made up. She was pretty upset, she told me, when she saw my blog, but she thanked me for it. She told me why, but I'm still not sure I understand. I told her a lot of things about myself. I told her I was bi, even though I'm not really sure that I am yet. I told her who I had dated, and I think that's about it. We made up. I just still can't believe it, and it felt good, too. I think she got a lot of stuff off of her chest, stuff she couldn't tell anyone else.
On my drive home, the rain was coming down in small drops, but it was thick. The fog reflected my lights. It was so cold, my windows started to fog up, but I didn't care. I just cranked up my radio and thought about how I wouldn't have minded dying right then. I wouldn't have wanted to, but I wouldn't have minded. I haven't been that content in a while. I hope K.S. gets through all of this okay. I don't wanna place any more on her shoulders than she needs. She's already got plenty. Don't know how she deals with it.


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